Luke Cooper on NBC’s The Voice, Season 6

I am very happy to announce to my blogger friends that one of my “sons” will be on NBC’s The Voice. There may be a chance that he will be appearing tonight in the blind auditions, so, please do not miss Season Six of The Voice. It will be memorable.

I first met Luke when he came to the house to do a unplugged jam session with my son, Alex and another friend, Daniel. When Luke started singing, mind you he was just harmonizing, I literally had goosebumps. Over the last eight years, I’ve watched him grow into a strong singer, musician, leader, and man of God. So, yes, I am very proud to know such an amazing talent. Below are photographs I took of Luke and the band, except for “Luke 2″.



Luke 1

Luke 1

Luke 2

Luke 2

Colorcast Veteran in Texas

Colorcast Veteran in Texas

Alex and Luke with band

Alex and Luke with band

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About monalisaestherlash

I am the mother of three grown children, all in their twenties now. Thank the Lord we did not hurt one another during the teenage years! I have a B.A. in Fine Art and a M.S. in Education Leadership/Instructional Technology. One more little piece of trivia: I love comedy and my real name is Monalisa. The irony of a name!
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2 Responses to Luke Cooper on NBC’s The Voice, Season 6

  1. Luke says:

    love you momma mona lisa! :)

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